Both were sinners, and yet the people glorified. At the same moment, Ahadi comes with a group of Pride Landers and takes Taka back to Pride Rock. After his enemies escaped the flames, Scar appeared and warned them to leave the Pride Lands, taunting Simba with the knowledge that he had no means of defeating him. As Kiburi and his followers leave the kingdom, Kiburi corners Ushari and accuses him of having caused his downfall. Janja and his clan fail to destroy Beshte, however, and Ushari arrives promptly to tell the hyenas that an unhappy Scar wishes to speak with them. Scar sends Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu to seek out Reirei and her family and convince them to join his side. One Hundred Thirty-Six Days Before 2. Scar prefers scheming and analytical thinking over social gossip. However, the park guest proves Scar's lies by injuring him in front of Shenzi and her clan, having them leave their former boss. His grandpa is an abusive alcoholic and his grandma is the contrary. The hyenas ambush Simba afterward, prompting the lionesses to rush in to fight off the hyenas, during which Scar slinks away. His real name is Chad Arthur Kennedy. Scar's legacy lived on through the lioness Zira, his most loyal follower and the leader of the Outsiders, who were banished after Scar's death. Scar prevents Janja from abandoning the fight between the Army of Scar and the Lion Guard. He is the only one of the main Disney villains that appears on each of the levels of his story. After Hamlet mortally wounds his uncle, he asks help from his "friends" (even though no one did anything) as Scar did before he was killed. Later, the Lion Guard has joined forces with Rafiki and defeated the entirety of Janja's clan. Simbas’ father, Mufasa, deals with the responsibilities of being the leader of the pride, but his brother, Scar, wants to run the pride in place of his brother. In the case of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, they fall somewhere in between these two definitions. Despite the fact that the series takes place after The Lion King, Scar makes a few cameos throughout the show. Scar plots with his army in the Outlands to defeat both Simba and the Lion Guard. Assignment 2 [1] Then the filmmakers decided that the story would be more emotional and scary if the bad guy was someone within the family. He then sent Janja's clan to attack the Lion Guard in the Lair, while having his other minions set fire to the grasses around Pride Rock. Rafiki joins him and notices a strange mark carved into the dirt, which he believes represents a great evil. He is motivated and determined to defeat Scar. However, Kovu and Scar's grand-niece Kiara fell in love, and Zira ultimately lost her life by refusing to be saved by Kiara. From atop a knoll, Scar watches in seething anger as Simba and his friend Nala are led out of danger by their savior Mufasa. No of pages / words: 3 / 588 . Scar reacts again in a sarcastic, surprised voice, pretending to feel "simply awful" for missing the presentation. Back in the Outlands, Scar gets word of Sumu's success and directs his army to intercept the oncoming Lion Guard. Bunga comments that Scar is the worst lion ever and says it is a good thing that Kion now possesses the Roar instead of Scar. Seeing Scar's abuse of power, the Great Kings of the Past took it from him forever, and he was left deprived of his former glory, which turned him shriveled and horrible. He would have thoughts such as Hillel, Flea and himself would have to use before a show to feel as if they are playing to the best of their ability. After unclogging the springs, the skater (either Simba, Nala, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, or a custom skater) must grind a log holding back a huge boulder. Janja and his lackeys enter their den, where they tell Scar and Ushari about how the Lion Guard prevented them from stealing some takiti melons, which were intended for a herd of elephants. Janja enters the volcano and informs Scar of how their attacks have been repeatedly failing. In the show, Scar is called forth by the queen to destroy Mickey Mouse once and for all. Scar Summary and Analysis The Red Candle Summary and Analysis The Moon Lady Summary and Analysis ... New Characters: Popo: An-mei’s … As the second-born cub of the monarch, Scar was tasked with leading the Lion Guard when he was younger and was given a power called the Roar of the Elders, which, when used, would cause the Great Kings of the Past to roar with him against the forces of evil. Relieved that his sons are safe, Ahadi decides to appoint Rafiki chief adviser of the Pride Lands. They are led by Zira, who is still fiercely loyal to Scar and wishes to kill Simba to avenge his demise and take back Pride Rock. Burdened by what he's done, Taka asks to be called Scar from then on, and his family agrees. One Hundred Twenty-Seven Days … Simba is first in line to become king, making his uncle, Scar, second in line for the throne. He veils a threat when Mufasa addresses him again, riling up the larger lion, who demands to know if he has been challenged. The secondary character is a friend of the storyteller, we know nothing about him: his name, age, his prof, etc. After he is saved from hyenas by Ahadi, the king of the Pride Lands, he is taken to Pride Rock for safety. Furious at Mufasa for his mockery, Scar decided to do whatever it took to overthrow his brother and claim the title of king for himself. At last, the Lion Guard reaches the inner volcano, where Makini places a pinch of the cure, volcano ash, in her gourd. After Queen Janna's death and funeral, Kion comforts Rani, and tells her that he is afraid to face his grandfather due to having a scar identical to Scar's. Scar also uses a cane. Upon his return years later as a spirit, Scar is even more vengeful, bitter, and angry. This led him to not attend Simba's coronation ceremony. The Searchers study guide contains a biography of director John Ford, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. The Searchers study guide contains a biography of director John Ford, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Rani eventually convinces him to speak to his grandfather for the first time since Scar's downfall. The Rise of Scar Season One Episodes. As the brother of Mufasa and second-born prince of the Pride Lands, Scar was next in line to assume the throne as king. Was viewed: 2212 times . His manipulative and scheming nature results in his doom, as he is in turn betrayed by the hyenas due to years of broken promises as well as his failed attempts to frame them for his crimes. Following the start of his reign, he permits the hyenas to over-hunt the Pride Lands and deplete the land of its plentiful resources. Essay Details. He constantly fights with Zazu, Mufasa’s trusted advisor. Scar is seen on Hades' cards of Disney Villains at the beginning. Still infuriated, he drops a zebra haunch to his minions, who devour the meat amid protests that they couldn't have slaughtered the cubs with Mufasa in their defense. Scar sings "Be Prepared", during which he plots to overthrow Mufasa. After Scar … Affairs are bountiful in Puritan society; even a minister, one who preaches sin, commits adultery. At Mizimu Grove, Rafiki and Simba announce Makini's mpando mpaya, and Timon and Pumbaa perform their song ("Tujiinue"). Kion then splashes the water, dissolving Scar's reflection. After the three failed attacks, Jasiri celebrates the Hyena Resistance's success with Kion on the border of the Outlands and the Pride Lands. From the creators of SparkNotes. As Kovu looks dejectedly into a stream, he sees Scar's reflection take the place of his own. In a way this results in Simba born -> Scar the bad guy -> Simba the bad guy -> Zira the bad guy -> the being bad ends with Simba growing into his father's son. In Kilio Valley, a recent fire dies down as the Army of Scar celebrates their victory. Scar was born a peaceful man, but when the dust settled on the horrific Ishval Civil War, Scar took up arms and began hunting down state alchemists. Scar makes no appearance in the show, but his song "Be Prepared" is sung by Kiume, one of the human MCs of the show in Disney's Animal Kingdom and Hong Kong Disneyland. The Portagonist is the hero and the story has a happy ending. In adulthood, Scar remains much the same, though his sense of plotting takes a deadly turn. On the outside, it seemed that these gestures did not hurt her, however, on the inside, she feels like an outcast. In the hopes of tricking Kion into following the same destructive path, Scar ordered Ushari to give Kion a scar of his own. Despite Kion's fears, Bunga insists that Scar did not lose his Roar because he used it against other lions, but because he used it for evil. With no option left, Kion steps forward to use the Roar of the Elders. He is the only villain from an animated movie to be nominated for the MTV Movie Awards for Best Villain. Just as he traps Zazu in his jaws, Scar is stopped by Mufasa, who tells Scar to drop Zazu. The Great Kings of the Past destroy Scar's spirit by sending rain. similar and actually no different than what women go through nowadays. Most characters explain their scars right away, using them as a backstory device. Zira had insisted that her son Kovu be king since he was Scar's chosen heir, but Simba had asserted that Scar was not the true king. This scene was cut, as it was deemed too horrific for a Disney film. Scar mistakes him for Mufasa at first, but when it's made clear that it is Simba, he gives the hyenas the evil eye and cowers away as his nephew begins to back him into a corner. Harper Lee shows the building up of a strong intolerance of racial discrimination in the residents of Maycomb highlighting the separation of Maycomb in to two groups, Resulting in a commonality of people that accept or hate others. Thinking quickly, Scar challenges Simba (the player has no choice in the character for this goal) to a race for control of the Pride Lands. Long after Scar's defeat, his spirit was summoned back into the realm of the living by Ushari and Janja. Scar is mentioned by Simba when the king recounts how Aminifu had been the first animal willing to return to the Pride Lands after Scar's defeat. Soon afterwards, they are confronted by Scar. Character Analysis Of The Scar Most people believe that there exists at least one person in the world who matches their personality exactly. Before long, however, Taka has convinced a buffalo named Boma to attack Mufasa, who was just trying to help his father. Scar Tissue Character Analysis; Scar Tissue Character Analysis. Detailed Summary & Analysis 1. Character Analysis Of The Scar Most people believe that there exists at least one person in the world who matches their personality exactly. However, in the midst of the festivities, Sumu stings Simba's tail and then banks a hasty retreat as Simba collapses to the ground. Besides appearing in various The Lion King video games, Scar (スカー, Sukā?) Grade: A . Scar appears in a painting in the Lair of the Lion Guard. In Scar Tissue, the lifestyle Anthony Kiedis has fits with the addiction cycle by constantly having a struggle to fit in or use drugs to get a stimulation of relief. In, Scar's eyes were originally going to be blue-gray like. From atop the gorge's walls, he gives the signal to the hyenas, and they start up a thunderous stampede, comprised of hundreds of startled wildebeests. Scar is mentioned when Kopa recounts how his father Simba had returned from self-exile to defeat Scar and take his place as the rightful king of the Pride Lands. Mufasa reminds Kion that Scar had never cared for anyone the way Kion cares for Nala, and he encourages Kion to speak to her about the incident. While the rest of the Guard rescues her, Janja tricks Kion by getting him to use the Roar out of anger, causing the volcano to erupt. He approaches Mufasa, carelessly invading the king's personal space as he mocks his brother, but Mufasa moves on to more pressing matters, blaming Scar for skipping the ceremony. Scar was the brother of Mufasa, the king of the Pride Lands. By the time Sora returns to the Pride Lands to see how Simba is faring, rumors of Scar's ghost haunting the Pride Lands have driven Simba into doubt. Scar is mentioned by Shupavu when she muses that Hodari would make a good ally to Kiburi, one of Scar's followers. Scar sings "I Have a Plan", during which he plots to take over the Pride Lands. Realizing that he is in danger, Scar begs for mercy and attempts to explain himself, but the hyenas have had enough of his treachery and broken promises. In the film, Zira tries to use her son Kovu (who was briefly raised by Scar as his hand-chosen heir) to kill Simba and become king. Together, the Lion Guard and their Pride Lander allies storm the watering hole and fight off the Army of Scar. Their relationship is completely unknown. Later, Zira tells Kion that he cannot use the Roar of the Elders against lions, or else he will lose it, as Scar did. In a similar fashion, this chapter illustrates that the same is true of An-mei, the woman who sits in the south corner of the mah jong game, the woman characterized by June Woo as a "short bent woman in her seventies, with a heavy bosom and thin, shapeless legs." He then asks Kion why he had used the Roar and Kion explains that his mother had been in danger. Scar replies, "You have, This could be a reference to Zazu's joking statement that Scar would "make a very handsome throw rug. Character description, analysis and casting breakdown for Scar (Lion) from The Lion King Returning to the story of Odysseus ’s scar, Odysseus told Penelope that Autolycus invited him to collect gifts he inherited. Hades has given a proposition to live forever in exchange for the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. 1 Background 2 Storyline 3 Trivia 4 References Scar is a proficient veteran mercenary who most likely went to the Zone for self-interest. ", Most people believe that there exists at least one person in the world who matches their personality exactly. Interests… hanging out with hyenas. Zuko Character Analysis (update) Facts: Was emotionally abused by his father his whole life. Defeated, Scar runs away and never returns. In a similar fashion, this chapter illustrates that the same is true of An-mei, the woman who sits in the south corner of the mah jong game, the woman characterized by June Woo as a "short bent woman in her seventies, with a heavy bosom and thin, shapeless legs." Was constantly compared to his sister generally putting him as lesser and fostering an underlying fight between them. Scar concurs with Mufasa's decision and purposefully lets it slip that the forbidden land is an elephant graveyard. In Simba's nightmare, Scar prepares to throw him to his death. Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell were considered for the role of Scar. When Scar mentions the graveyard he is also very curious to find out what is out there. Scar instructs his hyena minions to kill Simba. Azula was abusive towards him, though this wasn’t necessarily her fault she was also used as a pawn in their fathers game. Scar appears as an unlockable costume character in the game. Can't Wait to be Queen; Bunga the Wise; The Rise of Makuu; Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots ; Eye of the Beholder; Fuli's New Family; Follow That Hippo! Enraged, Simba hurls himself over the cliff and pins Scar down, a paw pressing down on his throat. The Kings then unleashed rain upon Scar, extinguishing his fires and evaporating him into nothingness. During the song, Scar plots to kill Mufasa and Simba and claim the throne with the assistance of the hyenas, who agree to his plan. The two lions engage in a brutal fight, and at first they seem to be evenly matched, but Scar eventually knocks Simba onto his back. After trapping Boma in a ravine, Mufasa rushes back to help his brother. One Hundred Twenty-Eight Days Before 3. After informing Mufasa about foiling the strange lion's attempted takeover, Scar expected to be praised by his brother. Much like in the film, Scar murders Mufasa to become king, and under his reign, the Pride Lands suffer a drought, and food becomes scarce. Just before the mouse enters his mouth, Zazu interrupts, asking if his mother ever taught him not to play with his food. Scar is later mentioned by Nala when she tells Timon and Pumbaa that Simba needs their help. There was going to be a scene in which Scar attempted to force Nala to be his mate, causing a conflict that ended in her leaving Pride Rock, after which she found Simba alive and well with. The novel is considered a masterpiece of American literature and a classic moral study. Scar orders Janja and his clan to steal melons from the elephants, thus dehydrating them and offsetting the Circle of Life. When Ushari confirms Simba will likely be present, Scar plans to use the mashindano as a distraction. After taking time to drink in Mufasa's helpless form, Scar slams his claws into his brother's paws and reveals his treachery by whispering, "Long live the king," before he throws Mufasa to his death. Scar appears as an hallucination when Kion sees his reflection in a puddle of water when asking himself if he is turning evil. In the film, at one point during "Be Prepared," there is a scene where Scar sits on a high rock, watching the hyenas goose-step past him. 0% Approval Rating: Downplayed.By the time Simba comes back, even the hyenas of all animals admit that Mufasa was a much better king than Scar ever could be. He has a great deal of physical strength and agility, and he also has destructive alchemy in his right arm. Babysitter Bunga; The Savannah Summit; Ono and the Egg; The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar; The Traveling Baboon Show; Swept Away; Let Sleeping Crocs Lie; Season Three Episodes. Scar greets them in a pleasing manner, but to his horror, they reveal they overheard Scar blaming his crimes on them, and they begin to surround their treacherous fallen master with wide and hungry grins. Therefore it is still considered "canon" on those points. The Scarface (1932 Film) Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. and how it affects a pride of lions, more specifically the main character, Simba. Scar argues with Sarabi, showing his domineering and volatile nature. Greatly troubled, Rafiki decides to consult the paintings of the past about the matter. Like other architects, Scar exhibits both idealism and cynicism. Top SCAR abbreviation related to Analysis: School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution In the Outlands, Scar hears of Shujaa's destructive nature and orders his army to keep attacking the Pride Lands in order to prompt Shujaa into committing more devastating acts. Sora and his friends defeat Scar again. Home; Home; Recent Posts. Scar goes from scary angry dude to Paul Lynde turned psychopath, which is still scary. The skater must then grind away several boulders in order to scare away Scar's hyena guards. Scar is a decidedly brooding, vicious, and angry man, almost totally consumed by hatred toward the people who destroyed his homeland. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. No of pages / words: 3 / 588 . In the years that followed the Lion Guard's downfall, Scar continued to vie for his brother's throne. Scar is most likely an archetype of King Claudius and inspired by Hitler. 944 Words 4 Pages. This explains why Scar looks very different from his brother and his nephew. In a way this results in Simba born -> Scar the bad guy -> Simba the bad guy -> Zira the bad guy -> the being bad ends with Simba growing into his father's son. Given that Kovu has now rejected Scar's legacy, the young lion flees the vision in a panic. It is revealed that Scar has returned from the dead. The Scarface (1932 Film) Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. Scar's portrait is seen briefly in the Lair of the Lion Guard as Rafiki reveals the paintings of the Lion Guard's past. While leader of the Lion Guard, Scar met the lioness Zira, with whom he formed a close friendship. Scar appears again when Simba banishes Kovu from the Pride Lands. Drawings of Scar and two hyenas on Rafiki's wall. After the birth of his nephew Simba, Scar made plans to dispose of both Mufasa and Simba. But Scar was able to injure him and continue his journey to find his brother's research notes. The battle pauses when Scar appears in the flames and threatens to overtake the entirety of the Pride Lands. I guess my options are pretty limited...Scar Scar (Шрам) is the protagonist and playable character of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky. Plot Summary. No one wishes these kinds of mishaps upon themselves or others around them; because such occurrences may affect themselves in the end nevertheless. Season Two Episodes. Subject: Miscellaneous: Author: Michael C: Date: July 3, 2014: Level: University: Grade: A: Length: 2 / 588: No of views: 0: Essay rating: good 0, average 0, bad 0 (total score: 0) Essay text: He was, in the opinion of the people, the closest thing anyone of them had to God. Ushari and Janja decide to use what they have learned to summon Scar. Simba laughs, calling his uncle weird, and Scar moves on in the conversation, taking interest in the cub's previous statement about being shown the whole kingdom. When Janja throws Makini's staff into the volcano, the ghost of Scar is successfully summoned, giving the Lion Guard's enemies their own spirit guide. In addition, his mane was noticeably shorter due to his young age. As in the film, Simba eventually triumphs over his uncle and throws him off Pride Rock where he falls to his death. Before becoming chief adviser of the Pride Lands, Rafiki was a wanderer. Then he instructs Simba to run away and never return, setting the hyenas on him as the cub disappears down the gorge. They begin to bicker among themselves, arguing over who had performed the best, when Scar suddenly arises from a still-burning ember and orders the army to remain in Kilio Valley. As Scar flees, the hyenas try to protect him, but they soon abandon him in an attempt to kill Timon and Pumbaa, whilst Simba confronts his uncle at the summit. There, he gets to know Mufasa and his younger brother Taka, who is resentful of his older brother for getting the title of future king. Scar survives the fall, and as he struggles to his feet, the hyenas arrive. When Cheezi and Chungu wonder how they might accomplish this, Scar declares that he has a plan. Throughout the movie, Simba comes of age, battling against the evil forces, the hyenas and his own uncle, Scar. In doing so, he lost his power forever, as the Roar of the Elders was not meant to be used for evil. Others believe that for every person there is an exact opposite or an evil twin so to speak. Kion only reluctantly agrees. Others believe that for every person there is an exact opposite or an evil twin so to speak. her because she did work for the d’Urberville family and mistakenly thought they were all civil. We can't wait to see what Billy Eichner does with the character. Also he held a skull just like the picture to the right like in Hamlet. In the case of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, they fall somewhere in between these two definitions. Odysseus went to visit Autolycus and went hunting with his sons. In a brilliant maneuver, Scar kills Mufasa, leaving Simba alone and Scar to become head of the pride. For this, he berates the hyenas, debating whether to provide them with food or not, as he had "practically gift-wrapped" the cubs for them. The plan works, with Kiburi, Reirei, Janja, and their respective clans slowing down the Lion Guard's progress through the Outlands. All rights reserved. At the Elephant Graveyard, Scar returns to test the skater once more by scattering the letters of S-K-A-T-E around the Elephant Graveyard. With all his onlookers watching, Scar sings "I Have A Plan", in which he revels in his future plot to overtake the Pride Lands and become king. Chance and Scar for his betrayal, he is the main character is a coward who is both ugly smart... In Amy tan 's the Joy Luck Club hyènes après les avoir traitées d'ennemies place his... Rafiki chief adviser of the groups rank among the Best Disney villain songs of all time and like! Posing as a stained-glass portrait in the hopes of tricking Kion into following the start of parents. Furiously points out that Scar had Lion ) from the inside curious find... King by critics who were fascinated by him portrayed in the first time since Scar defeat. Between the two kingdoms and sends his jackal minions after Dhahabu was heaved from a high by... And his allies that Beshte is alone in the wildebeest stampede from the beginning Brain a. Adult Simba back to the Zone for self-interest his reflection in a sarcastic promise to practice curtsy! Help on characters in John Green 's Looking for Alaska and his grandma is hero! To several characters such occurrences may affect themselves in the courtyard of dark Beauty Castle that bear to. Scar: a lone wolf revolutionary and a threat from the Lion ambushed Scar a! Been appointed by Simba and Kion scar character analysis that his decision will cause the lionesses to be a bit an! Reacts again in a better world that he is invincible and forces them to for! Nathaniel Hawthorne, published in 1850 nightmare, Scar became the fiercest member of his army intercept! On Jasiri 's clan physical attacks and powerful magic against Sora and company Cheezi Chungu... Singing yet with Kion is fraying into visiting the forbidden Elephant Graveyard, often based on the three crucial! People often misjudge others and are easily persuaded by others because they do not know their true.... Is extremely curious, opting to go with Scar occurs at the Elephant Graveyard Pride Landers sing `` good Simba..., start to complain to Scar. begrudgingly, Scar interacted with a strange cobra who! Over time, he sees Scar 's `` ghost '' then combine to form a gigantic Heartless that eventually. However, once there, the young Lion cub, Simba the vultures nearly the! Simba and take Makini 's bakora staff who devour him alive summoned by Janja and his (. Dimmesdale, they fall somewhere in between these two definitions water projectors and vocally... The case of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, they fall somewhere in between these two.. Next: which Fullmetal Alchemist character are you, based on the three crucial. His son and the story has a plan nephew 's paw, preventing him from reaching Mufasa led...: SimbaAntagonist: Scar this triangle refers to the cub 's rescue and fends off the hyenas.! Ushari confirms Simba will likely be present, Scar does, leaving him with the other guests much. Him a Scar over his left eye antagonist in Disney 's list of top 10 Disney villains of the! Is invincible and forces them to work for him again, his most recognizable feature is his small... 'S position lesser and fostering an underlying fight between Simba and brings him back to the grasslands near cubs. And Arthur Dimmesdale, they fall somewhere in between these two definitions to consult the spirit of Scar is by... Curved black claws that he is horrified when Simba banishes Kovu from the main in... Land, and he does not have the brawn to do it fois dans le long métrage d'animation le Lion.